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Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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Today the Archaeological Museum of the city of Varna is one of the largest archaeological and historical museums in Bulgaria.

The creation of the museum was initiated by the Archaeological Society of Varna in 1886. The museum was originally housed in the city library. In 1892-1898, a building was built for the women's gymnasium, which today houses the museum. Since 1906, the museum has been open to the public. From the very beginning, the director of the museum was the archaeologist Karel Shkorpil, who held this position until his death. Since 1945, the funding and management of the museum passed to the state.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the building also has a scientific archive and library, classrooms, storage, a courtyard with marble and stone exhibits.

In one of the expositions of the museum, you can observe a valuable collection of gold items, discovered in 1972, during excavations in the Varnaisky necropolis. This unique collection includes a variety of items made from gold – hairpins, necklaces, bracelets, buckles, tools, necklaces, and others.

Nowadays, the museum exhibits about 50 thousand exhibits telling about the history of the Black Sea region and the Balkans from the Paleolithic era to the Middle Ages. There are antique statues of Hercules, proto-Bulgarian ceramics, stone statues of the Thracians, Bulgarian icons painted in the 16th-19th centuries. Particularly noteworthy is the stone bas-relief depicting games and sports typical for the Romans.

The museum exposition is divided into four parts – Antiquity, Prehistory, The Middle Ages and Church Order. The museum is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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