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Lindos town in Greece, Rhodes resort

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This ancient city is located in the southeast of the island of Rhodes. It lies 12 kilometers south of Haraki, on a small peninsula.

Due to the fact that many buildings in Lindos have been bought up by Europeans and restored often completely without reference to the appearance of the city, the charm of Lindos is gradually losing its former appearance. The main winding city street has almost completely disappeared.

Lindos was once one of the centers of ancient civilization. Many buildings have been beautifully restored. It is worth seeing the Panagia Church with its perfectly preserved frescoes from the 18th century. The city's acropolis is also worth a visit. It is interesting for its amazing combination of medieval and Greek traditions – next door is the Doric temple of Athena and the Hellenistic portico of the knight's castle.

The city itself was built already in 1100 BC, but the structures that have survived to this day date back to the 6th century BC. After that, they were rebuilt and restored several times.

Where the beach is now located, there was once a huge Mediterranean port. And in a small harbor located south of the Acropolis, according to legend, in 58 AD, the Apostle Paul landed to preach Christianity on the island.

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Topic: Lindos town in Greece, Rhodes resort.Lindos town in Greece, Rhodes resort

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