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Dolomites in Italy

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The Dolomites is a mountain range located in the Eastern Alps, which is part of the Southern Limestone Alps. The array is located on the territory of   provinces of Trento, Belluno and South Tyrol, in the northeastern part of the Italian Republic.

The Dolomite massif is bounded by the valleys of the Pusteria, Brenta, Adige, Isarco and Piave rivers. The highest point of the massif is Mount Marmolada, reaching 3342 meters. The total length of the mountain system is approximately 150 kilometers.

From 1915 to 1917, battles between the Austrian and Italian armies took place on the territory of the massif during the First World War. The front divided the Dolomites into two parts. In October 1917, the Italians were forced to retreat in the Piava River, on which the Battle of Caporetto took place – one of the largest battles of the war.

In the course of the confrontation, the opponents dug a network of trenches and bypass tunnels. Labyrinths of trenches can still be seen in Lagazui, Citta di Ghiaccio and Castelletto della Tofana.

The array got its name in honor of Deod de Dolomier – the French geologist of the 18th century, who was the first to conduct scientific research in the area. The massif includes 18 peaks, reaching a height of over 3 thousand meters.

Landscapes with bare cliffs, vertical cliffs and narrow valleys were created as a result of erosion processes. Floods, avalanches and landslides often occur in the region. In the central part of the massif there are about 40 glaciers, the largest of which is Marmolada.

The lower parts of the slopes are covered with deciduous and pine trees. At higher altitudes, there are such types of trees as European cedar pine, mountain pine, magnificent fir, Scots pine, European black pine, larch. Among the deciduous species grow here: beech, willow, birch, bean, hard alder, oak, maple, hornbeam.

The fauna of the Dolomites is also very diverse. It is inhabited by: marmot, ibex, chamois, European brown bear, ferret, hare, marten, squirrel. Among the representatives of birds, it is worth highlighting the eagle, gray partridge, wood grouse, woodpecker, owl.

Today, the Dolomites is the most popular tourist area, and in winter – an excellent ski resort. There are several natural parks in the massif.

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