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Xinghai Square in China, Dalian resort

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This square is located near the park of the same name. It opened in 1994. It has the shape of a star. In the center of the square are two white marble columns, each 20 meters high. These largest columns in the country were erected here in 1997 to celebrate the return of Hong Kong to China.

The square has an inner diameter of 199.9 meters and an outer diameter of 239.9 meters. This symbolizes the fact that in 1999 Dalan turned 100, and in 2399 - 500 years.

In the northern part of the square is the exhibition center, also named Xinghai. In the south, you can see a sculpture in the form of a book with children. One hundred pairs of footprints lead to it, which symbolize the centenary of the city. There is a lighthouse next to the embankment, and the excursion ship Olianna is located in the sea.

The whole area symbolizes the unity of the sea and the sky. It hosts the International Beer Festival every year, and often hosts crocodile shows.  


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Topic: Xinghai Square in China, Dalian resort.Xinghai Square in China, Dalian resort

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