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Bunardzhik in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort

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Bunardzhin – one of the three hills surrounding Plovdiv. Bunardzhik in translation means `` hill with a source. ''

Nowadays it bears a new name `` hill of the liberator '', and this is not accidental. In 1954, a monument to the Soviet liberator soldier, the Russian Alyosha, was erected at the top of the hill. This 11-meter-high reinforced concrete sculpture was made in the shape of a Soviet soldier looking east, in whose hands the PPSh is. The official opening of the monument took place in November 1957.

The sculpture is located on a 6-meter pedestal faced with granite and syenite. The pedestal is decorated with bas-reliefs `` People meet Soviet soldiers '' and `` The Soviet army beats the enemy. ''

To the monument, located on a large observation deck, a wide staircase leads. The monument is visible from almost anywhere in Plovdiv.

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Topic: Bunardzhik in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort.Bunardzhik in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort

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