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Rector's Palace in Croatia, Dubrovnik resort

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The Rector's Palace is the place where the Prince Rector used to live and rule.

In 1435, the old Rector's palace was destroyed by an explosion of gunpowder. The new building of the palace was designed by the architect Onofrio de la Cava. It was built in the Gothic style. But the building was again destroyed by an explosion in 1463. Further destruction followed from a fire in 1667, and in the same year, a little later - from an earthquake. At the end of the 17th century, the palace was rebuilt, combining the late Gothic and Renaissance styles. The last reconstruction of the building took place in 1982-1984.

The ground floor of the palace housed government offices, a courtroom, a notary's office and a prison. In the south wing of the building on the mezzanine there was an old weapons depot, and the east wing housed the guard of the court. Now all the rooms serve as exhibition halls, in which exhibits are antique furniture, numerous sculptures and paintings.

At the top of the palace there is now a city museum, where many exhibits are presented. Among them, a collection of 15,000 paintings by Dalmatian and Venetian artists is of particular interest.  

In summer, classical music concerts are held in the central courtyard of the palace.

Like many other structures in the Old City, the Rector's Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

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Topic: Rector's Palace in Croatia, Dubrovnik resort.Rector's Palace in Croatia, Dubrovnik resort

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