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Cable car in Turkey, Kemer resort

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The passenger cable car, opened in 2007, was laid to the top of Tahtali Mountain. The lower station of the road is located at an altitude of 724 meters between the villages of Tekirova and Camyuva. The upper station is located directly at the top of Tahtali, at an altitude of 2365 meters.

The sun terrace at the upper station provides a 360 0 panorama, from here you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding areas, all the way to Side.

Up to a height of about 1   900 meters, the mountain is covered with dense vegetation, above this mark there is no vegetation at all. From January to April, the top of the mountain is always covered with a layer of snow and ice.

Today, many legends and myths are associated with the history of Tahtala. The mention of the mountain can be found in the famous work of Homer   The Iliad.

The design and construction of the cable car was carried out by the Swiss company Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. For the transportation of materials, a cargo cable car was also equipped, along which, during construction, about 4   500 m 3 water, 3   700 m 3 concrete, 8   600 tons were transported units and 420 tons of steel.

Nowadays, this cable car is considered the second longest in the world. The length of the road is about 4   350 meters, and the height difference is up to 1   639 meters.

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Topic: Cable car in Turkey, Kemer resort.Cable car in Turkey, Kemer resort

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