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Kromeriz Castle in the Czech Republic

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Kromeriz Castle is located at the foot of Mount Khrzyba, in the place where the Morava River crossing was previously located. The founder of the city of Kromeriz in 1260 was Bruno Schaumburg – Olomouc bishop. During the Thirty Years War, the city was badly destroyed,   at the end of the war, Charles II of Liechtenstein rebuilt the city and rebuilt the castle.

Kromeriz was first mentioned in 1110 – at that time it was acquired by Johann II. In 1266, Kromeriz received the status of a city due to its location, while several trade routes passed through it. Then the castle was rebuilt here. In 1290, city law was introduced in the city.  

During the Hussite Wars, the city was the mainstay of the Hussites in Moravia. In 1456 Kromeriz was returned to the Olomouc bishops. From 1467 to 1471 the city was in the center of hostilities between the Hungarian king Matthew Korvin and the Czech king Jiri from Podebrady.

In 1497, the castle passed to Stanislav Thurzo – Bishop of Olomouc, who carried out a number of late Gothic renovations in the castle. The bishop also laid out a small garden near the castle, including a flower garden, a vegetable garden and an orchard, which was highly appreciated by Vladislav II.

After Thurzo, the castle passed to the bishop's successor, who also introduced a number of changes to its architecture ... During the Thirty Years War, the castle was badly damaged, and in 1645 a plague broke out in the city.

The castle library is one of the most valuable Czech book depositories, where the first printed books, manuscripts and old editions of the XVI – XVIII centuries.

Also interesting is the collection of coins and medals, which includes archbishop's and episcopal medals, papal coins made of gold and silver.

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Topic: Kromeriz Castle in the Czech Republic.Kromeriz Castle in the Czech Republic

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