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Old town of Caceres in Spain

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Caceres – it is a city located between Merida and Plasencia at an altitude of almost 500 meters. In 1225, Alphonse the Ninth conquered this city from the Moors. Aristocrats and wealthy merchants began to live in it. Rival families built houses in an effort to outperform others. Most of them were demolished, and the city received its modern look in the 15-16th centuries.

In 1986, UNESCO included the old part of the city on the World Heritage List.

The oldest urban monument that has escaped demolition is the Casa y Torre de la Siguenha mansion. Now the building houses the military department. Most of the monuments are concentrated in the city center, where you can walk through the Arco de la Estrella arch, created in 1726 by Manuel Churriguera.

One of the main monuments of the city – this is the church of Santa Maria. Its architecture combines Renaissance and Gothic features. The church is located in Plaza Mayor, directly opposite the bishop's palace. The crucifix `` Cristo Negro '' is especially distinguished in its interior. and an altar made of cedar. Opposite the church is a Renaissance mansion.

To the east of the old town is the Convento de San Pablo. The nuns from this convent sell homemade yemas cakes.

One of the city's oldest churches, Iglesia de San Mateo, dates back to the 14th and 17th centuries.

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Topic: Old town of Caceres in Spain.Old town of Caceres in Spain

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