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Yuexiu Park in China, Guangzhou Resort

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This park is the largest park in Guangzhou city. Its area – 860 thousand square meters. The park has seven Yueshu hills, as well as three artificial lakes.

The main attractions of this park are: stone sculpture   Five Goats, Zhenzai Tower, and a section of the Ming Dynasty Wall.

Zhenhai Tower – it is a famous architectural monument of Guangzhou. Locals also call it the Five-Story Tower. It was built in 1380. For 6 centuries of its existence, it was destroyed 5 times, and each time it was rebuilt.

Now this tower houses the Guangzhou Museum,   which contains documents and objects that tell about more than 2 millennia of the history of the city.

The height of this architectural structure – 28 meters. The tower looks elegant due to the sharp contrast of red walls and green glass.

The area of artificial lakes in the park is about 50 thousand square meters. The lakes are named Beixiu, Nanxiu and Dongxiuyu. Lakes Nanxiu and Dongxiu are especially popular with artists, as it amazes with its beauty and tranquility. Lake Beixiu is open for fishing and boating. All lakes are connected by bridges with pavilions where flower exhibitions are held.

As in any large park, Yueshu has a swimming pool, attractions, restaurants,

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Topic: Yuexiu Park in China, Guangzhou Resort.Yuexiu Park in China, Guangzhou Resort

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