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Palamidi fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort

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This fortress is a monument of military Venetian architecture.

It was built according to the project of Lasalle and Giaxich in the period from 1711 to 1714. At the end of the construction, the Turks captured it, and they also completed this construction. Then the Christians were forbidden to enter this fortress.

The liberation of the city of Nafplion began with the capture of Palamidi. On November 29, 1822, at night, armed Greeks under the command of Staykos Staikopoulos attacked the Turkish garrison. The next day, Palamidi already belonged to the Greeks. In honor of this victory, the Church of St. Gerard inside the fortress was renamed into the Church of St. Andrew, as his name day is celebrated on November 30th.

Later, the fortress was used as a prison. In 1833, the famous hero of the liberation movement Theodoros Kolokotronis was put in it. He could not get along with the new government of Greece, but he was soon released by order of King Otto I.

Now the fortress is a museum. During the full moon in August, there are various music concerts, admission is free.

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Topic: Palamidi fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort.Palamidi fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort

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