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Klaus synagogue in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Klaus synagogue is located in the Josefov quarter, next to the entrance to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

The construction of the synagogue began in 1689 and finished in 1694 year. The construction was carried out on the site of an old Renaissance synagogue destroyed by fire in 1689.

Originally there were three small buildings, which were built in 1573. The project was financed by Mordechai Meisel – court Jew of Rudolf II and primate of the Jewish ghetto. One of the buildings functioned as a synagogue, the second – as a funeral brotherhood `` Chevra Kadisha '', and the third housed the Talmud school, led by Maharala.

The decision to build a new synagogue was made by Shalamoun Halish Cohen – the head of the old burnt-out synagogue.

In the 1880s, a number of reconstruction works were carried out in the synagogue, it was at that time that it acquired its present appearance. Today in the synagogue you can see an interesting exposition `` Jewish customs and traditions. ''

On the eastern side of the building, Aron ha-kodesh, erected in 1689 in the Baroque style, is preserved in its original form. At that time, the synagogue occupied a rather high position, as it was the largest building in the Prague ghetto.

In 1883-1884, the synagogue was reconstructed again, during which the main nave of the building was enlarged to the west. The facade was also restored, and the interior was decorated with stucco decorations. In 1984, the State Jewish Museum housed an exposition of old Jewish manuscripts and publications in the synagogue building.

The women's gallery houses exhibits related to life cycle events in the main hall – an exposition dedicated to Jewish customs and traditions.


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Topic: Klaus synagogue in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Klaus synagogue in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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