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Huanglong National Park in China

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This reserve is located in the Sichuan province, in its high-altitude zone. There are valleys covered with millennial ice, thermal springs, and interesting forms of limestone.

On the roads of the reserve, you can find a large number of rare animals such as pandas, golden Sichuan monkeys and many others.

However, the main feature of the reserve is – these are travertine landscapes. Huanglong is a real travertine museum. For tens of thousands of years, water that flowed from mountain glaciers seeped underground. Deep underground, its streams gradually eroded a huge amount of limestone that was in the rocks. When groundwater came to the surface, due to the difference in pressure and temperature, limestone crystallized and settled on the surfaces. So over thousands of years, a travertine landscape was formed, which in various places took the form of a reservoir, waterfall or threshold.

3 thousand travertine lakes are located on an area covering more than 21 thousand square meters and at an altitude of more than 3.5 thousand meters. Almost all lakes are shallow, their shores are low, so the water often overflows.

In winter, the reserve is shrouded in frost, ice and snow. Only the lakes on the travertine terraces remain blue and turquoise.

The government is trying to keep the reserve in its original form. A huge number of people work here to preserve and maintain this fragile ecosystem.

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Topic: Huanglong National Park in China.Huanglong National Park in China

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