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Temple of the Sun in China, Beijing resort

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This temple is located in Beijing, Chaoyang District. In 2006, it was included in the list of protected monuments in China.

The Sun Temple is not a temple in the direct sense of the word. It is not a building with walls and a roof, but a simple altar for sacrifices, which is surrounded by a wall.

The Temple of the Sun is a square sacrificial altar, which is two meters high. There are steps on its four sides. The altar is surrounded by a wall that forms a circle with gates facing north, south, west and east. On the north side you can see outbuildings. They used to keep inventory, house sacrificial animals, and maybe also monks.

The temple stands in Zhitan Park, in the historic Jianguomen district, east of the Forbidden City. The area of this public park is 20 hectares.

The temple was built in 1530, during the Ming dynasty. It was used for the sacrifices of the Chinese emperor to the Sun.

In the west of the city, in the Fuchengmen district, there is the Moon Temple. Together with the Temple of Earth and the Temple of Heaven, they all form a temple complex that ensured cosmic order.

Once this ancient temple was destroyed for many reasons, including because of the war. In 1951, after the establishment of the PRC, the temple began to be restored little by little. After 5 years, it was officially opened to visitors.

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Topic: Temple of the Sun in China, Beijing resort.Temple of the Sun in China, Beijing resort

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