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Troodos National Park in Cyprus, Troodos Resort

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Troodos National Park is located in the center of the island, on an area of 9337 hectares. There is Mount Olympos, its highest point is 1952 meters.

The central part of the park is covered with dense forest (mainly pine and Cypriot cedar). In autumn and spring, the slopes of the mountain are covered with a flower carpet of daffodils, tulips, orchids, cyclamen. There are 120 plant species in the park, which grow only in these mountains.

There are several hiking trails in the mountains of the national park. The most popular are:
  •           Trail of Aphrodite, its length is seven kilometers and encircles Mount Olympos.
  •           The Atlanta Trail is the longest trail (9 kilometers). It starts at an altitude of 1660 meters from the Troodos observation deck and ends near the village of Chromios.
  •           Nightingale trail - the shortest, about two kilometers. It goes along a mountain stream and ends at the Caledoni waterfall.
  •           Trail of Artemis
In winter, Olympos gets up to two meters of snow, and the ski season is open from December to April. There are 12 ski slopes of varying difficulty and 4 ski lifts.
In cases where the winter is snowless, the snow is provided by several snow settings.
Throughout the long history of Cyprus, the mountains have acted as a refuge for Orthodox people, for example, during the reign of Catholics. And during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, Byzantine temples were built deep in the mountains. One of the most famous is the monastery of Kykkos.    


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Topic: Troodos National Park in Cyprus, Troodos Resort.Troodos National Park in Cyprus, Troodos Resort

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