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Kykko Metochi in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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Kikko Metochi is a large and wealthy monastery in Cyprus. The monastery is located near Nicosia in the Troodos mountains (the height of the mountain is 1250 meters).
The monastery was founded by the Byzantine emperor Komnenos Alexios in 1100. During its rather long history, Kikko Metochi burned several times, and almost nothing remained of the original appearance of the monastery.
The inner courtyard of the monastery is surrounded by two-storey arcades of galleries that attract the eye with their beauty and unusual proportions. One of the three icons painted by Saint Luke, the icon of the Mother of God, is kept here. This icon is considered miraculous, it heals. The monastery also houses a museum, where manuscripts, collections of icons, wood carvings and other antiquities of the island.

Near Kikko Metochi in the mountains there are 9 Byzantine churches, which are decorated with frescoes and drawings. These churches are World Heritage Sites.


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Topic: Kykko Metochi in Cyprus, Nicosia resort.Kykko Metochi in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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