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Vladin House in Montenegro, Cetinje resort

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Vlad's house is the former government house, and now this building houses the national gallery, which includes:
  •   Art Museum - was founded in 1950 and was in the city library. At the moment,   time, the museum has 2800 exhibits.
                  Permanent exhibitions are: a collection of icons, which is represented by Montenegrin icons of different years, icon-painting canvases created in Crete and Italy (XVII-XVIII centuries), Russian icons (XVIII-XX centuries); a collection of contemporary works by Montenegrin and Yugoslav artists; the most valuable exhibit of the museum is the icon of the Virgin of Filermosa.
  •   The Historical Museum is the youngest museum in Montenegro, founded in 1989. There are 1500 valuable objects, about 1500 documents, photographs, maps and books, as well as 300 especially valuable exhibits. The museum covers 1,400 square meters and houses 140 glass cabinets with exhibits from the Paleolithic era to modern times. There are eight expositions in the museum:
- The first hall is dedicated to the ancient era, where you can see reproductions of frescoes, amphorae, artifacts dating from the III-II centuries BC, excavation maps .
- In the hall dedicated to the Middle Ages, coins, letters, pieces of furniture, ornaments belonging to members of the royal family who ruled until the 16th century.
- The third room contains evidence of the wars with Turkey, as well as documents on the activities of Metropolitan Danila, Savva and his follower Basil (XVI-XVIII centuries).
-   Three halls of the museum are dedicated to the 18th-19th centuries, which went down in history as the years of opposition to the Turks, and are also associated with the liberation movement of Petr Njegos. One of the most valuable exhibits of this period is the famous red and white flag, which is considered a symbol of freedom of the entire nation.
- Two more halls tell visitors about Montenegro's participation in World War II, where weapons are displayed ,

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Topic: Vladin House in Montenegro, Cetinje resort.Vladin House in Montenegro, Cetinje resort

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