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Huong River in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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The Huong River, also known as the Perfume River, flows through the city of Hue, located in central Vietnam. The river is about 30 kilometers long. A water excursion along the Fragrant River is part of the standard program arranged for tourists visiting the city of Hue.

There are two opinions about the origin of the name of the river. According to one of the versions, flowers from orchards located upstream give the river a pleasant aroma. According to another version, calamus plants growing on the banks of the Huong give a pleasant smell to the river. Calamus has a fragrant root and it is believed that it is its smell that gives the river its aroma.

The Huong River was formed as a result of the confluence of two rivers – To poke (left tributary) and Khuchat (right tributary), 30 kilometers from the mouth.

Not far from Huong is Mount Nhubing, which reaches a height of 105 meters. On both sides of the mountain there are two small mountains – Hubatson and Tabatson. According to legend, the representatives of the Nguyen dynasty once saw these mountains and decided to found a city here, which they named Hue.

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Topic: Huong River in Vietnam, Hue Resort.Huong River in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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