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Campanile in Italy, Venice resort

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The Campanile of St. Mark's Cathedral is a bell tower. Located on St. Mark's Square.

The clock tower was first built on this site in the 8th century. The campanile acquired its current appearance in 1514. For many centuries, the tower served as a watchtower, as well as a beacon for ships entering the lagoon.

The tower was almost 100 meters high. It consisted of:
a sturdy brick mine used in the Middle Ages as a container for a cell in which prisoners were kept;
a bell area with five bells, each with a different purpose;
a viewing platform.

The tower is crowned by a pyramidal spire with a weather vane made in the form of a golden angel, installed in the 16th century.

In July 1902, the bell tower was completely destroyed. There are many reasons for the fall these are lightning strikes, earthquakes, as well as general wear and tear of the structure. During the restoration work, it was decided to leave the appearance of the tower and strengthen the structure. The bell tower was reopened in April 1912.

The Campanile, along with other sights of Venice, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Campanile in Italy, Venice resort.Campanile in Italy, Venice resort

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