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Epidaurus in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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This city is   on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, east of Nafplio. It is one of the oldest Greek port cities. The theater of this city was once considered a real wonder of the world. Epidaurus was founded 4000 years ago. The Greeks call it Archeia-Epidaurus.

His influence in ancient times was enormous. The entire modern Argolic peninsula was called Epidauria. Almost everywhere where Greek colonists stayed, settlements of the same name appeared. Now only ruins remain of the city. They are a fairly famous archaeological site and are being excavated quite actively.  

The visiting card of the city – this is a huge antique theater for 14   000 people. It was built in 330-320 BC. UNESCO included it on the World Heritage List. The acoustics of this ancient complex are simply amazing – festivals and performances are still held on the theater stage.

Another attraction – it is the sanctuary of Asclepius, also inscribed on the World Heritage List. It was around this sanctuary that Epidaurus was built. This city is one of the centers of the birth of medicine, as well as a place of pilgrimage from the 6th to the 3rd century AD. Now the sanctuary of Asclepius is being restored, and every year geologists discover something new in this vast complex.

Also in Epidaurus, such buildings as the gymnasium, rebuilt by the Romans into an odeon, antique baths, abaton, or an antique hospital, tholos have been preserved. with labyrinthine corridors related to the cult of the snake, which is important in Greek medicine, a small sanctuary dedicated to some Egyptian gods, as well as the remains of the stadium, the games at which even competed with the Olympic ones for some time.

Near the theater there is a small museum, open in summer from Thursday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm, on Monday – from 12 to 19, and in winter – from 8 am to 5 pm. It is best to visit this museum before visiting the ruins, as the Roman consul Sulla in 86 AD almost completely sacked the city.  

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Topic: Epidaurus in Greece, Peloponnese resort.Epidaurus in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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