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Malia (Malia) town in Greece, Crete resort

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This resort city is very popular among young people. It is located 35 kilometers east of Heraklion.

There are many discos, restaurants and clubs in the city. This city is famous for its nightlife.

The island also has some of the best beaches. Any water sports can be practiced on them.

Despite all this, Malia is especially famous for being an important center of the Minoan civilization. Excavations are underway at a distance of three kilometers from the modern city. In their course, archaeologists found the Malian Minoan Palace, workshops for the manufacture of seals, buildings made of mud bricks, as well as vessels for storing oil and wine. The tombs of the kings were found north of the palace.

The first palace was built here in 2000-1900 BC. In 1700 BC it was destroyed, and in its place a new one was built, which stood until 1450 BC. That one was also destroyed due to the disaster. And only after that another palace was built, the ruins of which were discovered as a result of excavations.

According to some finds, it is clear that there were some settlements here even before the palaces.

French the archaeological school is still continuing excavations. It is assumed that there is another ancient city to the south of the Mali Palace.

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Topic: Malia (Malia) town in Greece, Crete resort.Malia (Malia) town in Greece, Crete resort

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