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Kourion in Cyprus, Limassol resort

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Kourion is an ancient city that was destroyed by a strong earthquake in the 4th century. The founders of this city are considered to be Greek warriors who participated in the Trojan War (1200 BC).

In 1949-1950, an ancient theater was discovered during excavations in Kourion. It was built in the 2nd century BC. The theater was destroyed after numerous earthquakes, but later it was rebuilt and enlarged to its present size. The theater accommodated about 3500 spectators, and functioned until the second half of the 6th century AD. The theater and the city of Kourion were abandoned and plundered.

In 1961 the theater was restored. During the summer months, Greek tragedies are performed on the stage of the theater.

Ruins remain from the city itself. The ruins of the"public house" (IV century BC) are interesting. It is a complex of limestone buildings with about 30 different premises, including a swimming pool. On the site of the former Roman baths and houses, mosaics with images of birds and fish (symbols of early Christianity) have survived.


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Topic: Kourion in Cyprus, Limassol resort.Kourion in Cyprus, Limassol resort

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