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Nature Reserve Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic

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Bohemian Paradise is one of the most picturesque and amazing areas of the Czech Republic. The reserve is located in the northeastern part of the country, about 100 kilometers from the city of Prague.

The reserve acquired its name thanks to the resort visitors who stayed in the settlement of Sedmigorki, who in 1870, for the hospitality of local residents and the beauty of the landscapes dubbed this place paradise.

Many centuries ago this area was under water, and due to the sea currents, as well as the sun and winds, a bizarre relief was formed for many centuries. The unique rocks of the reserve are, in fact, its main attraction. In some places the rocks form the so-called rock cities here, which are amazing natural phenomena with labyrinths, rock columns and canyons. All this splendor is complemented by blooming wild orchids.

In addition to forests, rocks, lakes and ponds, Bohemian Paradise also has several well-preserved castles. It is worth visiting the ruins Trosky fortress, located on two rocks connected to each other - Babe and Deve. This unusual and huge fortress was built in 1396, destroyed in the 17th century during a fire that broke out during the Thirteen Years War. Later, in the era of Romanism, attempts were made to restore the fortress, unfortunately, this was not done.

Another interesting object of the reserve is Hruba Skala Castle, which is a neo-Gothic castle built in the 19th century. The castle is located on a cliff top, where there is also a parish church, a smithy, a priest's house and a boarding house. To the entrance to the castle is a bridge decorated with beautiful sculptures of Saints Florian and Vavrinets. On the western side of the castle is the neo-Gothic church of St. Joseph. Under the castle is an old 16th century brewery with a new statue of St. John of Nepomuk in front of it.


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Topic: Nature Reserve Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic.Nature Reserve Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic

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