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Troyan Monastery in Bulgaria

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The Troyan Monastery of the Assumption of the Theotokos is the third largest Orthodox stauropegic male monastery of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The monastery is located on the slope of the Old Planinsky mountains, on the banks of the Cherni-Osam river, in the northern part of the country.

The monastery was founded by Abbot Kallistratus in the 17th century. The main church of the monastery was built by the master Constantine from Peshter, on the site of the old church. In August 1835, the church was consecrated by Metropolitan Hilarion. In 1866, master Ivan from Mlechevo built a five-story bell tower here. In 1897, restoration work was carried out at the monastery. The residential buildings were created in the style of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

The main church of the monastery is a three-conchoidal cross-domed church with an open arched gallery, adjacent to the main building, and separated by a vestibule. Today, the church houses a carved iconostasis created in 1839.

The most valuable in the church are the frescoes made in 1847-48 by Zachary Zograf, – outstanding Bulgarian artist.

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Topic: Troyan Monastery in Bulgaria.Troyan Monastery in Bulgaria

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