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Dragalevsky monastery in Bulgaria, Vitosha resort

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Dragalevsky Monastery is an Orthodox nunnery located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.

The monastery was founded in 1345 by the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander. During the conquest of Bulgaria by the Ottoman Empire, the Dragalevsky Monastery was not destroyed, like other church buildings, but was abandoned for a while.

In 1476, the Church of Our Lady of Vitoshka was built here as a catholicon of the monastery. The temple is a two-aisled basilica with a narthex and an open narthex. The building is decorated with numerous frescoes, the very first of them bear the image of the donor Radoslaw Mavar and members of his family.

In the 17th century, new frescoes were created in the central part of the church, and the narthex was decorated with compositions `` The Baptism of the Lord '' and the Last Judgment. In the 18th century, a carved gilded iconostasis was made especially for the temple.

In 1932, the New Church was added to the northern wall of the main temple. Later, extensions of two and four-storey cell buildings also appeared here.

In XV – In the 17th century, the monastery was the cultural and educational center of Bulgaria; there was also a school here. In the 19th century, the monastery took part in the national liberation movement against the Turks.

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Topic: Dragalevsky monastery in Bulgaria, Vitosha resort.Dragalevsky monastery in Bulgaria, Vitosha resort

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