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Church of St. David in Greece, Thessaloniki

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This church was built on the site of an older Roman building in the 5-6th centuries AD. It began to be called in honor of St. David only in the 20th century, and before that it had been the Church of Christ the Savior for a long time.

One legend is associated with its construction. According to her, Theodora, daughter of the emperor Maximian, was a secret Christian. She asked her father to build a bathhouse for her, which she planned to secretly use for Christian rituals and worship. Her request was fulfilled. In addition, she ordered a mosaic depicting Christ, which she placed in one of the bath niches and covered with the skin of a bull. Later, Theodora was killed in agony, and the mosaic was hidden during the reconstruction of the building. It was discovered only after an earthquake in the 9th century.  

In 1430, the temple was turned into a mosque, and all the mosaics and frescoes were covered with a thick layer of plaster. They were found only much later, during the restoration in the 20th century. Then the burials of monks were discovered under the floor of the church.

The church is cross-domed, the square visit in the center is covered with a dome. During the rule of the Turks, the temple was badly damaged – the western part of the building was completely destroyed, and the entrance was moved to the south side.
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Topic: Church of St. David in Greece, Thessaloniki.Church of St. David in Greece, Thessaloniki

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