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Guangxiao Temple in China, Beijing Resort

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This temple is located on Hongshu Beilu Street in the heart of the city. It is one of the oldest temples in the entire region. In the 3rd century it was rebuilt, before that the building was the office of officials.

The temple became famous in the 7th century. At that time, the monk Huineng lived there – the sixth patriarch of the Chan Buddhist school. The Luzujian Pavilion, built during the Sunn era, was named in his honor. After the death of the monk, his hair was buried under the bodhi tree as a sign of special reverence. Today, Ifata stands here – Buried Hair Pagoda. It contains exquisite statuettes depicting Buddhas.

The Mahavir Hall, which houses a thousand-handed statue of Guanyin, is especially impressive. In the courtyard of the temple there are two Iron Pagodas: Western and Eastern. They were built between 963 and 967. Only three floors of the Western Pagoda have survived, as a neighboring building fell on it in the last century.  


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Topic: Guangxiao Temple in China, Beijing Resort.Guangxiao Temple in China, Beijing Resort

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