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Loreta Monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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Loreta Monastery is today one of the most beautiful buildings in the Hradcany district in Prague.

According to legend, in the XII century the Holy Land attacked by the Turks, and the angels, in order to save the hut of the Virgin Mary, located in Nazareth, from desecration, transferred it to Italy, to the town of Loreta. Later, analogs of the hut, or rather the Loreta chapel, began to appear in other cities of Catholic Europe. The Prague Loreta was built in 1661 by order of the Countess of Benina Ekaterina Lobkovich.

During the devastating earthquake, most of the frescoes were destroyed, only the frescoes depicting the Virgin Mary were not damaged. You can also observe a crack on the wall, which, according to legend, appeared after how one citizen committed blasphemy in a holy place, after which he was struck by lightning.

In 1723 the present facade of the monastery was built. The architect of the project is Kilian-Ignaz Dietzenhofer.

Immediately behind the chapel is the Church of the Nativity of Christ, and on the left and right sides of the altar are the relics of Saints Marsyas and Felicissimus. In the small courtyard of the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows there is an image of a crucified bearded woman - the Holy Headman. Legend has it that her father, the king of the Visigoths, wished to marry his daughter to the king of Sicily. Princess Headman was a religious girl, and her fiance was a pagan. Once, while pleading for deliverance from such a fate, the Headman grew a beard overnight. The angry father ordered his rebellious daughter to be crucified. Since then, the Holy Warden has been the patroness of unhappy wives.

The monastery houses an icon of St. John of Nepomuk. According to legend, King Wenceslas the Fourth wished to know the secret of his wife’s confession, to which Nepomuk refused him, for which he was drowned. The altar, entirely made of silver, is also interesting, next to which there is a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The treasury, located in the western wing of the monastery, contains liturgical objects dating from the 16th - 18th centuries. Noteworthy is the"Prague Sun" monster, created in 1698, made of gold and silver and adorned with diamonds. The weight of this monstrance is 12 kilograms, and its height reaches almost 90 centimeters.

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Topic: Loreta Monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Loreta Monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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