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Neolithic settlement of Choirokitia in Cyprus

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Khirokitia is one of the ancient settlements attracting many tourists-lovers of antiquity.
This settlement was located not far from the modern village of Khirokitia. It existed in about 5800-5250 BC. A road runs along the entire settlement. Tholos (hive-like houses) are located on both sides of this road. The road was considered the main one, and water and stone from the river was delivered along it (for making stone dishes, tools and building houses).
The settlement existed for a long time. Moreover, these were settlements that replaced each other.
In addition to small hive-like houses, in the settlement there are large houses built on the same principle, as small.
Small families of the tribal community lived in small houses. And in large houses, especially large families or members of the nascent communal aristocracy probably lived.
During excavations, archaeologists have discovered stone millstones, spindles, and needles made of bone, tools made of stone, volcanic glass , bones, earthenware and other objects of that era.
All these finds indicate that the inhabitants of the Neolithic settlements were mainly engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture, and also well spun, weaved, knew how to work stone and wood.
Certain religious beliefs were already emerging in Choirokitia. For example, this was expressed in a funeral rite.

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Topic: Neolithic settlement of Choirokitia in Cyprus.Neolithic settlement of Choirokitia in Cyprus

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