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Ciudadela Park in Spain, Barcelona resort

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ImageThis park, completely covered in greenery, covers approximately 30 hectares in the northeast of the old city. Where it is now located, there used to be a citadel built by Philip the Fifth. In the park you can find waterfalls, paths, monuments and flower-covered terraces. One of the most remarkable places in the park & ndash; Shady gallery. It is a building of wood and brick, which is filled with tropical plants.  

Attractions of the Citadel Park
Cascade. This building is located deep in the park. The cascade is provided with a channel and is decorated with allegorical figures of animals and gargoyles. Opposite it stands the Music Pavilion. There is also a huge bronze cat statue nearby, which children often play on, and a mammoth figure that points to the nearby Zoo.

Barcelona Zoo. This 14-hectare zoo was founded in 1892 in the east of the park. Thanks to the skill of the people who worked on it, even in such a small area, it was possible to create a multifaceted landscape.

Many animals of various species live here. Of the primates, special attention should be paid to the huge white gorilla – the only such animal that is kept in the zoo. In the local dolphinarium, among other animals, the killer whale lives.

The zoo has several picnic tables and recreation areas. Most of them are located near the model of Mount Montserrat, which stands in the heart of the zoo.

Winter Gallery. In the northwestern part of the park, there is a huge iron glazed structure called the Winter Gallery. It was recently restored and is now used for cultural events and various exhibitions.  

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Topic: Ciudadela Park in Spain, Barcelona resort.Ciudadela Park in Spain, Barcelona resort

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