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City Wall in China, Xi'an Resort

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The Ming City Wall is one of the main attractions of Xi'an. A magnificent view of the city opens up from the wall.

This wall was built in the days when the city was the capital. It is the only surviving city wall in all of China. A similar wall in Beijing was destroyed during the construction of the subway.

This rectangular wall is 19 kilometers long, 12 meters high, and 15-18 meters wide at the base, and 12-14 meters. There is a tower in each corner of the wall, and there are gates on each side. Observation towers, as well as a rifle tower and a main tower are located above the gate. The perimeter is surrounded by a moat.

When the son of the first Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang was appointed the first ruler of Xi'an,   and a new wall was built. It corresponded to all the parameters according to which the walls were built in the Middle Ages. On the wall there were 98 towers with a small garrison, the towers were located at a shot distance from each other.

  The main tower of the wall is called Zanglow. This inner tower is the main entrance to the city.   Sting was and is still used to raise and lower the bridge.

The city never needed all of these fortifications. In the 15th century, the capital was moved from here, and the city ceased to play such an important role in the life of China.

After the restoration of the wall, it was turned into a park, on which you can walk. And in the ditch that surrounds the wall, you can fish.    


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Topic: City Wall in China, Xi'an Resort.City Wall in China, Xi'an Resort

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