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Las Ramblas in Spain, Barcelona resort

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La Rambla is the soul of Barcelona. To visit it, but not to visit this street – it's the same as going to Moscow and not seeing the Arbat. La Rambla starts at Placa Catalunya and goes straight to Porta de la Pau, to the very beach. Different sections of this area have different names.

On the Porta de la Pau square, which is built up with buildings of the 19th century, there is a cast-iron column by Christopher Columbus. This 50-meter monument, which is one of the symbols of the city, was erected here in 1886. Its author is the architect Gaeta Buigas y Monrava. The elevator inside the column leads to the very top, where there is an 8-meter sculpture of Columbus himself by Raphael Atche.

La Rambla is simply overflowing with flower stalls, souvenir shops, shops, cafes and other pleasant and interesting places. It often features clowns, street performers, musicians, mimes and circus performers.  


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Topic: Las Ramblas in Spain, Barcelona resort.Las Ramblas in Spain, Barcelona resort

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