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Hoalis in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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The village of Hoala is the oldest capital of Vietnam, located near the city of Hanoi. Until our time, only two temples have survived here.

One of the temples was originally dedicated to the successor of Bo Lin, and later to Emperor Le Hoan. However, the locals, as before, call the temple Duong Van Nga, in honor of the empress, whose statue is located on the right side of the entrance to the building. Fun fact – both rulers had one and the same woman as their wife; after the death of Bo Lin, Le Hoanu married his widow. Perhaps, by doing this he wanted to consolidate his greatness, but he could not compare with the glory of his predecessor.

The second temple was dedicated to Ding Bo Ling. In the 17th century, the temple was restored. One of the attractions of the temple are sculptures made of wood, in the form of the emperor and his sons.

Near the temple is an overgrown staircase that leads to the top of Mount Yenngua. The summit offers breathtaking views of Hoaly and its surrounding areas.

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Topic: Hoalis in Vietnam, Hanoi resort.Hoalis in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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