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Hoa Lu description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi

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Hoa Lu description and photo - Vietnam: Hanoi

Hoa Lu description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Hoa Lu.

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Hoala, the ancient capital of Vietnam, is located near the modern capital - Hanoi. The city happened to be the capital in the X century, at the time of significant events in the history of the state, the main one of which was the unification of Vietnam after internecine wars and uprisings. This was done by the ruler Dinh, who founded the capital of Hoala in his native village between the picturesque mountains. At that time, the country was called Daikoviet.

In addition to the natural, mountainous, defense, two fortresses were built - an external and an internal one. By now, one of them has collapsed, and the city has also fallen into disrepair over so many centuries. But, thanks to the veneration of the Vietnamese ancestors, a significant part of the architectural heritage was preserved.

Today on the territory of the former capital there are about 50 ancient cultural monuments - temples, pagodas, caves and grottoes. The main temple is dedicated to the first emperor and founder of the first centralized dynasty, Dinh Tieng Hoang. It was built according to all the rules of feng shui, (behind the mountain, in front of the river), restored in the 17th century. Wooden statues of the emperor and his family have survived to this day. Separate temples are dedicated to the sons of Dinh, another one was built in honor of his daughter, a princess with a tragic fate.

Another interesting temple belongs to the founder of the Le dynasty. The sculpture of Le Hoan himself is placed on the throne, to the left of it is a statue of the Empress in robes decorated with ornaments.

Thien Ton Cave is not only a natural, but also a historical monument, as well as a cult complex of two religions - Buddhism and Taoism. An external room is set aside for worshiping Buddha, the internal one is intended for followers of Taoism. Tourists are interested in murals from the Le dynasty, lacquered Buddhist figurines and other artifacts.

Hoala, where the three ruling dynasties of ancient Vietnam came from, is a very visited place - not only by tourists. Pilgrims come here, so incense is always smoked in churches and fresh flowers stand. And every spring, the ancient capital hosts the Hoala festival, the center of which is the temple of the founder, Dinh Tieng Hoang.

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