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Valtice Castle in the Czech Republic

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Valtice Castle is located a few kilometers from the border with Austria, in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic.

The original project of the palace complex belonged to Italian architect Giovanni Giacomo Tencalla. In the 18th century, due to a new fashion trend, the project was modified in the Baroque style, at that time the architect Johann Bernard Fischer was already engaged in it. The construction of the castle took almost three centuries. Until 1945, the castle was in the possession of the Liechtenstein family.

The entrance to the castle is decorated with plantings of neatly trimmed boxwood and well-groomed topiary framing the fountain. The interior decoration of the palace delights with spectacular wall decorations. The Art Gallery deserves special attention. Hall of Mirrors, Small Hall of Princess Karla and the Palace Chapel. Most of the chateau's rooms are decorated with beautiful ceiling frescoes, magnificent murals and gilded stucco.

The castle's wine cellar is also popular, where the Moravian Wine Festival is held annually in early May. On other days, you can visit the famous wine cellars and even taste the excellent Moravian wine.

The castle is surrounded by an English park, which features the Temple of Diana, built in 1812, reminiscent of a Roman arch. Also interesting is a corner called"Pharmaceutical Garden". Previously, each castle had its own source of medicinal products, and Valtice was no exception.

The doors of the castle were opened for tourists in the 50s of the XX century, in the 60s a number of reconstructions were carried out here. Today in the park you can find valuable tree species, artificial grottoes, greenhouses with tropical plants, decorative ruins, etc.


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Topic: Valtice Castle in the Czech Republic.Valtice Castle in the Czech Republic

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