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Akamas Nature Reserve in Cyprus

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Akamas Nature Reserve is a peninsula located in the northwestern part of Cyprus, 50 kilometers from Paphos. This reserve is unique and strikes the imagination with its pristine beauty.

There is a version that in ancient times there was a developed civilization on the peninsula. But traces of this civilization have not yet been found.

It is believed that the name of the peninsula"Akamas" is associated with the word"akavtos", that is,"non-combustible." This fact is evidenced by the description of L. Macheras (Cypriot chronicler), how the Arab conquerors, attacking the island, burned and plundered it. And in one of these raids Cyprus was completely burned, and only Mount Akamas remained.

Akamas is now a national park.


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Topic: Akamas Nature Reserve in Cyprus.Akamas Nature Reserve in Cyprus

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