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What is the name of a film about Thailand?

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It often happens that after watching a movie, after a while you want to revise it, but the name is no longer remembered. Then we try to find a movie by the closest associations. Very often people ask each other the question"What is the name of that film about Thailand." In this article, we will try to collect the most significant films set in Thailand.  Image
Pi Pi Island

1. Beach. It is very likely that you remember this particular film, which was filmed in Thailand, on the island of Pi Phi. According to the plot of the film, an ordinary American guy goes to Thailand in search of thrills. By chance he meets a stranger in a hotel who tells him about a certain secret island, and gives him a map by which to get there. The main character, having enlisted the support of a young couple of French tourists, goes in search of this paradise on earth.  

2. Bridge over the River Kwai. This historical Oscar-winning tape tells about the events unfolding in Thailand during the Second World War, namely about the construction of the bridge, which received the glory of the"road of death". The price paid for this bridge is approaching a hundred thousand people: prisoners of war and local residents.

3. Bachelor Party 2: Vegas to Bangkok. The action of this modern comedy takes place, as the name suggests, in Bangkok, but there are several episodes filmed in a province called Krabi, very picturesque, I must say. According to the plot, four friends go to a quiet and calm wedding of one of them in Thailand, but a series of events gets out of control, chaos and madness are going on around.Image


4. Bangkok Hilton. The film tells about the fate of a young Australian woman who, in search of her father, ended up in Thailand, where she had a fateful meeting with a photographer. The girl is arrested when drugs are found in her new friend's bag. She faces the death penalty and is sent to a prison called the Bangkok Hilton, where she waits while a mysterious well-wisher defends her as a lawyer before the local authorities.

5.   The Other Side of Paradise. The film tells about the events occurring with a young tourist who decided to visit a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. The night with a beautiful Thai girl turned into a series of trials for the guy, including stealing money, working for an American, etc. He witnesses the criminal smuggling of Thai girls. The main character with the same girl decide to escape from the island ...

6. Dangerous Bangkok. A thriller starring Nicolas Cage, where he plays the role of a hitman with 4 targets in Bangkok as a mission. He has to hire a pickpocket as an assistant, and as a result, the main character violates the main rule of a hired killer - not to be interested in people who have nothing to do with work. This film tells what it led to.Image
according to the plot of which an ordinary KamAZ driver is awarded a ticket to Thailand for his heroism. But they and his wife are waiting for serious trials, which brought grief on them the beggar, who beat the formidable oligarch in cards the day before.  

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Topic: What is the name of a film about Thailand?.What is the name of a film about Thailand?

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