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Interesting facts about Italy

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Italy one of the most popular countries among tourists from all over the world. Millennia of history, major discoveries, unique culture, traditions and recognizable art for this on the European `` boot '' tens of millions of guests arrive annually.



But what are they Italians? What is special in this country, how one should behave, and what to expect from the temperamental descendants of the ancient Romans? Let's try to consider the most famous and brightest facts about Italy and its inhabitants.

Mentality and peculiarities of the population

  • Italy is divided into 20 regions, and each of them has its own special dialect. These dialects are so different from each other that the inhabitants of one region may not understand the inhabitants of another. In Italy, of course, there is an official literary language taught at school, but 20% of the population does not know it.
  • Literary is best. Italian is understood in Florence because it was the Florentine dialect that was taken as its basis. It was in this dialect that the legendary Divine Comedy was written. Dante.
  • Important : Literary is best. Italian is understood in Florence because it was the Florentine dialect that was taken as its basis. It was in this dialect that the legendary `` Divine Comedy '' Dante.


  • In the Aosta region, Italian is not spoken at all the main language there is German.
  • English is well spoken in Rome and other popular tourist cities. However, be prepared for the fact that for a question in English in a cafe or restaurant you will be charged twice as much money as from `` locals. ''
  • When talking, Italians use dozens of gestures, and in general there are about a few more than a hundred. By the way, it is indecent to use gestures when talking to women.
  • Contrary to popular belief, active gesticulation during conversation has nothing to do with temperament. Due to the difference in dialects, the population of Italy has actively used gestures since ancient times as an informal way to communicate.
  • The most offensive of all Italian gestures is familiar to us `` goat '' from the raised little finger and index finger. This gesture means that the one to whom it is addressed is cuckold. By the way, this same gesture, but turned upside down, wards off corruption.


Gesture  " Goat"
  • For persuasiveness in Italy, it is customary to take the interlocutor by the elbow. And in the southern regions, close acquaintances men do not hesitate to hug and kiss.
  • Italians are distinguished by friendliness, and the further south the region, the more friendly people in it. However, in Italy they don't like foreigners very much because of their patriotism. Italians are also held captive by stereotypes when they find out where this person is from, they immediately label him.
  • Italy has a very high life expectancy.
  • People in Italy are very superstitious here 150 & nbsli; 000 magicians are officially registered, to whom up to 16 million people turn to each year.
  • One of the most widespread superstitions fear of blue-eyed people. It is believed that such people can spoil. A similar reaction to a blue-eyed guest can be found in most Italian provinces.
  • Favorite sport of Italians football. It is watched not only by men, but also by women and even children. All matches are expected here in advance, and during the competition on the channels around the clock they show only news related to football.
  • Another love of Italians theater. Many indigenous people buy annual passes and do not miss a single performance during the season. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to find places in the stalls even in the off-season.
  • Italians are distinguished by their great infantilism and a slightly childish outlook on life. It is considered normal here to live with parents until the age of 40, and then settle not far from their home. At the same time, the mother can continue to help her `` child '' with the housework.
  • In addition, in Italian it is impossible to find an analogue of the word `` henpecked ''. The cult of women and motherhood is brought up here from an early age, so to see a stern lady on the street, loudly reprimanding her husband this is a normal phenomenon.
  • Institute in Italy graduates only by the age of 30, all those who graduated earlier are considered real geeks. All this is due to the characteristic feature of this nation leisurely. The country's main motto is 'liiano-liiano', which means 'take your time'.

Attitudes towards food, cuisine and restaurants

  • Due to the special attitude towards foreigners, prices for them can be almost twice as high as for locals.
  • Italians rarely drink juices, they are almost impossible to find in most restaurants.
  • Also, Italians drink few strong drinks the main ones are water and wine, occasionally beer.
  • The world's favorite pizza may be banned throughout Europe. For several years Italy has been trying to challenge the accusations that one of the symbols of the national cuisine does not meet the norms of European nutritionists and sanitary doctors, the same applies to several types of cheese.


  • Pasta is not only pasta, but everything made from flour in general.
  • In Italy, food is really cultivated Italians can talk for hours about food. Sometimes replacing the question `` how are you? '' is the question `` what did you eat today? '', and the answers to them are interrelated It is believed that after a good meal, the day will be good.
  • There are many rules for the use of various foods and dishes, and Italians love to laugh at tourists who break these rules.
  • For example, cappuccino should be drunk only in the morning ordering it in the evening you can make a laugh.
  • Salads are usually eaten not as a snack, but only after a hot meal.
  • It is absolutely impossible to combine fish with rice, you should not even try to add parmesan to pasta with seafood.
  • The worst violation of food culture will be an attempt to season pasta or pizza with ketchup after that you may even be kicked out of this restaurant.

Other facts

  • Italy has all but the most extreme climatic zones.
  • The territory of Italy is 80% occupied by mountains. Many of them are of volcanic origin Italy has more volcanoes than any other European country. Earthquakes are also common here.
  • There are no orphanages in Italy at all. There are also no stray animals here.
  • In Italy there is still a mandatory tax in favor of the Catholic Church. It is different in every region, and it directly depends on the income level of the Italian.
  • In local tobacco shops, you can top up your phone bill, buy a parking ticket, and sometimes pay taxes.


Tobacco shop in Italy
  • When buying anything, be sure to take a receipt. Without a check, you can be fined by the financial police for your purchase.
  • Driving on most Italian motorways paid. Average rate 5-6 euros for every 100 kilometers, but in some areas it is possible expensive. The speed limit even outside the city can be 60 km / h, for exceeding huge fines.
  • When overtaking a car, according to Italian traffic rules, you need to `` blink '' twice; high beam, warning of a maneuver. This is prohibited in the rest of Europe.
  • Important: When overtaking a car, according to Italian traffic rules, you need to `` blink '' twice; high beam, warning of a maneuver. This is prohibited in the rest of Europe.
  • The schedule of buses and suburban trains in Italy is very conditional. This is more likely not a national character trait of local drivers, but frequent strikes, which lead to transport problems.
  • In Italy, the unlucky number is not 13, but 17.
  • In most regions of the country, Friday is considered a men's day. It is indecent for a girl to appear in a bar or restaurant that day.

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