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Things to do in Italy

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Italy is the leader of European and world tourism, a country where tens of millions of people come every year from all over the world. More than half of these people flock to Rome, although besides the capital, there are many other cities and natural sites worth visiting in the cradle of European culture.

Climb the slope of one of the volcanoes

Out of competition among the Italian volcanoes - the Sicilian Mount Etna. At the moments when the gigantic mountain is dormant, at its foot you can see hundreds of tourist groups of daredevils who decided to climb the slope and see a mesmerizing panoramic view opening from an impressive height. If an eruption has begun, it is better to observe it from a safe distance.


Etna Volcano

Appreciate the beauty of the Italian Alps

The Alps in Italy are not only the natural beauty of the northern regions, but also a significant increase in the country's budget at the expense of tourists. The fact that they arrive here only in winter is a well-known delusion, which has recently been refuted by many guests. In addition to ski centers and other winter entertainment, people come to the Italian Alps for the local lakes with the purest fresh water. Lake Bella, Maggiore, Loreto and other bodies of water attract boating and fishing lovers all summer long.

Rent a villa on a vine farm

In recent years, interest in provincial Italy among tourists has been growing. Of no small importance in this was the merit of local farmers who rent out guest houses near vineyards, famous fruit groves and other agricultural land. The owners of the farms are happy to show guests the stages of the production of wine or any other product. You can't do without signature tastings here either. The only disadvantage of this type of recreation will be remoteness from crowded cities.

Visit the Venetian Carnival

Venice is not only canals with gondoliers and ancient museums, it is also annual carnival renowned all over the world. Ending before the start of Lent, the carnival has always been a symbol of fun, noisy performances and rich dishes on every table. Now the sacred significance of the carnival in Venice has lost, the Italians themselves have become rare guests, giving the main role of visitors and even participants to tourists. During carnival days, the streets of Venice turn into a real open-air stage.


Venice Carnival

See real Italian football

Football in Italy is almost like hockey in Russia. It is not at all necessary to arrive in the country on the eve of major championships - even domestic matches have a huge attendance at the stadiums, and the passions in the stands are comparable only to Brazilian football fan promotions. Speaking of the latter, after the match, it is advisable to leave the stadiums as quickly as possible so as not to get involved in a brawl between fan groups, which, like in many countries, quite often arrange fights in Italy.

Swim in the sea of one of the southern resorts

As such, the Italian seaside resorts do not have a division into categories - they are as diverse as possible by types of recreation, the only criterion will be the price of the rest. The most expensive hotels in Liguria and the famous Sanremo. Only a century ago, only Italian aristocrats had access to the coast here, but now anyone can rent a room in a coastal hotel. In recent years, the leader is the resort Rimini in the province of Emilia-Romagna.



Buy fashionable clothes at a sale in Milan

Milan is famous not only for world centers of fashion, where only the wealthiest tourists can buy clothes, but also for its suburban sales centers. Milan's Outlets - shops selling the latest collections of clothing and footwear are wildly popular not only among tourists, but also among Italians themselves. During the seasons of the announced discounts there are no crowds here, and the windows are literally empty before our very eyes.

Go to the Teatro alla Scala

Another symbol of Milan is the legendary La Scala opera house, comparable in its prestige only to the Bolshoi Theater and the Parisian Grand Opera. The performances here are scheduled for several years ahead and now include not only opera and ballet, but also symphonic performances by orchestras, solo concerts of instrumentalists. The theater also hosts several prestigious awards.


Teatro alla Scala

Walk the streets of Pompeii

Ancient Pompeii - a city with a sad history, once buried under ash and lava during the eruption of Vesuvius. It is best to go to Pompeii after visiting Naples, although most of the tourists come to the Neapolitan land only for the sake of Pompeii, which is fundamentally wrong and does not allow you to see the sights of Naples.

Take a panoramic photo from Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazza Michelangelo is one of the highest places in Florence, offering scenic views of most of the city. Due to the panoramic possibilities of the square, you can regularly see artists or photographers who seek to capture this place at different times of the day. It is especially crowded here in the summer afternoon - guests of the city, and Florentines often relax here with a cup of coffee.


View From Piazzale Michelangelo

Order dinner in a real trattoria

Trattoria - format a restaurant that has taken root in Russia for a long time, but in their homeland these establishments have their own unique atmosphere, which is much different from all attempts to copy it. It is best to dine away from tourist routes and in a place where there is not a word of English on the menu- this is a good way to save up to € 200 on a hearty dinner with a bottle of good wine.

Write a letter to Juliet

Little Verona, sung by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world for several centuries. who seek to go through the"Shakespearean" places from the text of the great tragedy. Near the alleged Capulet House with a balcony stands a small Juliet statue, near which you can see a box with letters. Among tourists, this has become a whole ritual - it is believed that if you write a letter to Juliet in any language, in which the author talks about his love experiences, the author's personal life will begin to improve as soon as possible.


Statue of Juliet
statue of Juliet, near which you can see a box with letters. Among tourists, this has become a whole ritual - it is believed that if you write a letter to Juliet in any language, in which the author talks about his love experiences, the author's personal life will begin to improve as soon as possible.


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