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Interesting facts about Turkey

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Turkey is a country that Russian tourists strongly associate with beaches, endless markets, souvenirs and ancient sights. For most, the first acquaintance with that country is a lot of surprise, because the culture of the Turks is fundamentally different from our traditions.


Turkey, Istanbul

What you need to know about Turkey in order to be ready for a variety of manifestations of customs and behavior of local residents? What facts about this country do many tourists simply do not know? We have collected the most important and interesting for you.

Mentality and characteristics of the population

  • If a boy is born in a Turkish family, his mother is involved in his upbringing, if a girl is a father. This tradition goes back centuries, when a woman was considered the only possible keeper of the hearth.
  • For the same reason, according to sociologists, about 80% of all working people in Turkey are men - from young men to deeply elderly people ... Women prefer to do housework, or at least social work.
  • Muslim circumcision - chitan is one of the most important stages in the life of a Turk, akin to a wedding. The day of circumcision is celebrated by the whole family, and the hero of the"celebration" is taken through the streets of the city in a decorated car for two days. Wealthy Turks rent limousines or minibuses for this purpose if the boy has many relatives.
  • Most Turkish men before the beginning of the 21st century sought to get married before the age of 20. Now the age of marriage has been pushed back to 30 years.
  • Many Turks like to wear a mustache. It is believed to be a source of pride and a symbol of a manly appearance. It is forbidden to grow them only to military and police officers - this is the charter.


  • In orthodox families on the wedding day the groom is forced to short hair and shave off all body hair before their wedding night.
  • About the police in Turkey, many tourists say that it is the strictest in Europe. In fact, a lot of attention is paid here to compliance with the law. Fines grow annually, and tourists have to pay huge sums even for minor violations.
  • Despite the fact that in the western provinces of Turkey, alcohol is calm, drinking alcohol on the streets is strictly prohibited. Appearance in a public place “under the degree” will also be an equal violation.
  • Turks are leisurely. Even in Istanbul, locals are rarely seen running through the streets. Everyone tries to walk as slowly as possible, deliberately showing their calmness.
  • Mutual respect is another trait of the Turkish character. In crowded places, it is not customary to push and overtake passers-by. If someone accidentally stepped on a passerby's foot, an immediate exchange of loud apologies follows.
  • Important: In Turkish markets, bargaining is an obligatory part of the purchase of any product. The more persistently the buyer bargains, the more the sellers respect him. If a person immediately gives the named value, it threatens that even from other sellers he is unlikely to receive a discount.
  • The familiar"smack" of Europeans, or the sound of a kiss , in Turkey - part of several superstitious rituals at once. Most often it is published, wishing the interlocutor good luck.
  • Turks consider it indecent to point at objects or at people with a finger, you need to point with an open palm, so as not to offend the person with whom you communicate, and not to be branded as a barbarian.
  • In addition, the Turks do not favor the left hand. Sitting at the table, it is better to take all the cutlery with your right hand.
  • The most popular souvenir in Turkey is Nazar - or"Blue Eye". It is sold at every turn, and is made from semi-precious stones or, cheaper options, from plastic. It is believed that he drives away evil spirits and makes the bearer of such a talisman invisible to Shaitan.



Other facts

  • Turkey is located in two parts of the world: 97% in Asia and only 3% in Europe; At the same time, Turkey participates in many sports competitions as a European country;
  • The capital of Turkey, Istanbul, is also located in two parts of the world. It is the only city of this kind - all the others are located only in one part of the world;
  • For all the time of its existence, estimated at thousands of years, Istanbul managed to visit the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires;
  • Turkey is the only secular Muslim state in the world - here the religion of Islam does not affect political and social life, although it is the main one;
  • In Turkey, in Katalkhoyuk, the world's oldest human settlement is located. According to archaeologists, it was founded in 6500 BC;
  • In ancient times, there were two out of seven wonders of the world in Turkey: the Mausoleum at Helikarnassus and the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus. Of course, these buildings have not survived to this day, only ruins remain from the mausoleum;
  • Mount Ararat is located in the eastern part of Turkey. It was to this peak, according to the Bible, that Noah's Ark stuck after the Great Flood;
  • In Turkey, in the city of Konya, one of the museums keeps the world's most expensive silk carpet - it contains 144 knots per square centimeter;
  • Parchment, which used to be used for writing, was invented in Turkey, in the town that is now called Bergama;
  • The city of Mardin is the only place in the world where some still speaks Aramaic - the native language of Jesus Christ;
  • Tulips were brought from Turkey to Holland, which quickly gained wide popularity in Europe;
  • It was also from Turkey that such a drink as coffee came to Europe;
  • A huge amount comes from Turkey to Europe fabrics and textiles;
  • Approximately 70% of hazelnuts are grown in Turkey;
  • Turkey is also the birthplace of cherry - it came to Europe from the northern Turkish town of Giresun;
  • In the west of Turkey, a famous historical event took place - the Trojan War;
  • It was also in Turkey, not far from Ankara, that Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot. By the way, in the manufacture of Turkish carpets, a double knot weaving technique is used, which is also called the"Gordian knot";
  • In Turkey, in the palace of the Tokapi sultans, is the Kasikci diamond - one of the largest diamonds in the world;
  • In the Turkish city of Antalya is the Aspendos Theater - the best-preserved ancient Roman theater It was in Turkey, in Harran, that the first a university in the world, which has survived to this day; And in the Antakia region there is a cave in which the Apostle Peter preached. And in 1963 she was awarded the title of the world's first cathedral;
  • Such famous personalities as the fabulist Aesop, Omar Khayyam, the Apostle Paul, the author of the Odyssey and the Iliad, Homer and even the legendary King Midas.
In the Turkish city of Antalya, the Aspendos Theater is located - the best-preserved ancient Roman theater;

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