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Ikebana - what it is

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Ikebana or ikebana from Japanese translates as"fresh flowers" — it is a Japanese art of flower arrangement with deep sacred traditions. Ikebana is believed to have originated with the spread of Buddhism in Japan. In the 6th century, Buddhist monks brought bouquets of flowers to the   altar to the deities. Freshly cut flowers and shoots were placed in special vessels, creating unique flower arrangements. Each flower had a sacred meaning and served a specific purpose when offered to the gods. Lotus has always personified spiritual purity, chrysanthemum has meant longevity.  

Gradually, ikebana became an art that is taught in special schools, teaching in them is like a sacred rite. It takes place in complete silence, so that the students focus on the process of making a bouquet, which is a kind of meditation. Students need to embrace the spirit of flowers in order to express their inner self. with a bouquet. The components of the bouquet are symbols, and their arrangement reflects life and movement. The main symbols of ikebana are earth, sky, man.

Arrangement of a bouquet

The ikebana bouquet is necessarily asymmetrical, it may not include only flowers, but also dried twigs, stems, leaves, berries, fruits, grapes, dried flowers and herbs, as well as dummies and artificial flowers.   Ikebana should be a single composition together with the shape of a vase, combined with materials and color. She must comply with the accepted rules and commandments. Ikebana differs from ordinary bouquets, since when it is drawn up, the laws of geometric construction are used, according to which the rules of color design must be strictly observed. The bouquet of ikebana has its own `` rhythm. ''

Gradually, ikebana has become a universal hobby, this has become the reason for the emergence and development of many schools and different styles. The most famous schools in Japan are Ikenobo, Ohara, Sogetsu.


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Topic: Ikebana - what it is.Ikebana - what it is

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