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Opera House description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi

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Opera House description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi

Opera House description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Opera House.

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The Opera House is considered one of the best theaters in Hanoi. Its building, a classic example of the architecture of the period of French colonization, was built at the beginning of the last century on the model of the Parisian Grand Opera (in the modern interpretation - the Opera Garnier).

It was not easy to transfer the Parisian style to the Vietnamese land: shaky soil, a pond almost in the center of the city. It had to be drained, and the soil was strengthened with a huge number of bamboo racks. But the majestic building in the neo-baroque style has become a real decoration of Hanoi. The theater opened in 1911. Famous Italian and French opera singers have toured there, at the invitation of the colonial administration. Later, the theater witnessed all the main historical events - from street battles to political rallies during the formation of an independent state.

After almost nine decades of operation, the opera house was restored. Its floors of Italian marble, copper French chandeliers and mirrors, frescoes on the ceiling sparkle with new colors. Three grand staircases connect the luxurious foyer with the auditorium on three levels, with a capacity of 900 seats. After the reconstruction, the theater became the center of the country's cultural life. Additional conference rooms for various events have appeared in it. Exhibitions and presentations are held in the huge foyer and courtyards.

The Opera House is known for a variety of repertoires and genres. Classical opera sounds in it, as well as Vietnamese opera - a unique "cheo". On the stage, along with ballet performances and concerts of symphony orchestras, you can see puppet shows and exotic national performances. The theater hosts music festivals and tours of foreign musicians.

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Topic: Opera House description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi.Opera House description and photos - Vietnam: Hanoi

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