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Things not to do in Spain

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Spain – a country of color, contrasts, unique culture, live music and warm hearts. The temperament of local residents has long been a legend among tourists from all over the world, and local laws only surprise those who are here for the first time. However, there are many things that you need to know about the Spaniards and Spain before you find yourself in the homeland of bullfighting.

Many rules in Spain, including the rules of conduct, are unspoken, but by the locals they are strictly observed from the unconscious age. In order not to get into an awkward position, or even worse - – receive a fine or a reprimand from the police – it is worth knowing some rules of conduct in cities and resort areas of Spain. The majority of the population is genetically inherent in demonstrating love for the king and the current government, even if their personal attitude towards the current policy is not at all positive. By the way, one cannot speak badly not only about the current ruler of Spain, but also about all the leaders of the Spanish people who preceded him.

Violate traffic rules

In general, this is an actual rule for all countries , but in Spain, since 2010, fines for such a violation have increased annually. For crossing the road in the wrong place, you can get a receipt for the payment of 200 euros. More stringent laws apply to cyclists – you can only ride a two-wheeled horse on Spanish roads in a helmet, its absence will cost the offender 500 euros.


You can't argue about football

Argue about football and old age

The question of old age and death – a cornerstone theme in Spain. And if the thought of an imminent end causes superstitious horror, then treating even elderly people as feeble old people is   absolutely impossible. A true Spaniard, even at 70, will demand to be called a `` young man. '' The topic of football should not be brought up at all – this is a sacred topic for many Spaniards, and any passer-by can be a zealous fan of one particular club.

Drinking alcohol in the wrong place

Since 2013, Spain has introduced the strictest law restricting activities bars and those who come to them. Now, even for drinking beer near the entrance to the bar, you can get a fine up to 1000 euros. The same applies to any other alcoholic beverage, regardless of the proximity of the establishment – drinking alcohol in Spain is allowed only in specially designated areas. By the way, this rule also applies to hotels, if there is no mini-bar in the room, then you have to go to the nearest restaurant or cafe.

Trying to get to the beach at night

Since the 1990s, all coastal regions of Spain have passed a law banning night swimming. This was done for the safety of the tourists themselves, since the number of drowned tourists began to grow at an alarming rate. The second reason is – frequent gatherings of the homeless, leaving behind heaps of rubbish and causing a lot of trouble for local authorities. The third reason is the most piquant – tourists too often began to have sex on the beaches, which of course cannot be done in god-fearing Spain.


Night swimming is prohibited in Spain

Disrupting the daily routine

This rule is not only about   fiesta, when most places in Spain are closed for an afternoon break ... In most cities in Spain, the population remains believers, observing not only fasts, but also church routines. For example, in Barcelona on Sunday it is better to come to church and sit through the service, which will begin with the obligatory communion.

Litter in a public place

Another immutable rule, which, however, is regularly disturbed by tourists. Garbage – a real scourge of Spanish streets, and at the height of the tourist season, some neighborhoods can turn into natural dumps. To avoid this, a system of penalties for carelessly thrown chewing gum and candy wrappers was introduced. This also applies to smoking, especially on the beaches. Fines for such violations reach € 700, and there is a good chance that they will only grow over time.


Spaniards are regularly late

Being too punctual

When meeting Spaniards, you need to remember – they are regularly late. Punctuality here cannot be called a national character trait, therefore, etiquette delays of 15 minutes in Spain are considered the norm. In fact, if you have an appointment with someone from the local, you should prepare yourself to be half an hour late or even 45 minutes late. If after this time no one came – be sure – your person just forgot about the meeting.

Bring food into the hotel room

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Topic: Things not to do in Spain.Things not to do in Spain

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