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Things to do in Hamburg

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Hamburg - the famous city on the Elbe, one of the symbols of German taste in architecture, art and the rhythm of life. Hamburg has a unique number of attractions, cultural and entertainment centers, as well as many educational sites. To understand why Hamburg is often called an open-air museum, you need to familiarize yourself with all the possibilities of the second largest city in Germany.

Enter the millionaires' quarter

The official name of this place is a mark in the guide - Rotterbaum quarter. It is located not far from the actual center of Hamburg, Town Hall and other aristocratic sights, separated by only a park that can be crossed on foot. The most expensive real estate of the central states of Germany is located in this place, and, as a rule, the richest people of the city live here. The flow of tourists forced some of the owners of mansions to enclose the property with high fences, but this did not affect the beauty of the quarter.

Walk in the tunnel under the Elbe

A must on all excursions in Hamburg is the Old Tunnel under the Elbe. A unique engineering structure appeared in the city in 1911 to connect the left and right banks of the Elbe along the shortest route. The tunnel is now an official architectural monument, protected by the state. Its total length is 426 meters. Currently, the Tunnel is used for pedestrians during the day and for cars in the evening. In addition, various exhibitions are often held here.

The Elbe Tunnel

See a picnic in the cemetery

A shocking sight for many tourists can be seen in the place with the difficult to pronounce name Olsdorferfriedhof. This is one of the few cemeteries and parks at the same time. Its territory is so large that in some areas tombstones will have to be looked for in the shade of overgrown trees and bushes. Residents of Hamburg have been using this place for many years as a site for family celebrations and picnics - historical burials here are of interest exclusively to tourists. The best way to get around the cemetery is by bike to shorten the walking time.

Buy souvenirs at the flea market

The so-called Fish Market Hamburg, which is located in the city every Sunday mornings aren't just about food trays. Of course, many tourists come here to buy fresh fish and other seafood, but the main value here is in the ranks with various little things. Among the worn out or boring things, real antique souvenirs often come across, which experienced tourists hunt for. It is almost impossible to predict what the local sellers might sell. / p>

Fish market

Visit Wonderland

Hamburg also has its own Miniature Wonderland - an exposition that amazes both children and adults, which is a model of several world zones in miniature. The main focus of the layouts is, of course, Germany and Europe, but there are other world sights, executed on a scale. The exposition occupies as many as two floors and eight halls dedicated to a specific real or fictitious sight. Some stands have day and night mode - New York, for example, can be seen in night form.

Organize a walk along the Elbe

No excursion in Hamburg is complete without a tourist walk along the Elbe. For these purposes, special double-decker ferries were created in the city, which run along the legendary river. Seeing the famous Hamburg Canals and bridges from the side of the river, admire the main attractions of the historic city center - for this you should endure a couple of hours in a huge crowd of tourists clung to the edge of the ferry deck. If you wish, you can repeat the walk on another day.


River Elbe

Explore local cuisine

Delicacies in Hamburg may differ from the usual German cuisine, at least by cooking methods. The signature Hamburg curry sausage is almost a staple for lunch and quick meals on the go. It is often served in a bread loaf, like American hot dogs. Also in Hamburg they love dessert in the form of croissants, but to make them differ from the French recipe, they put marzipan in them at the baking stage.

Listen to organ music

In the main city temple of Hamburg - St. Michael's Church - you can appreciate the sound of an ancient organ, which is more than a century old. The temple is one of the masterpieces of the German Baroque of the late 17th century, although it was rebuilt several times after fires and devastating wars. The sound of the organ can be heard at all Sunday services, and also at the announced sacred music concerts.

Church of St. Michael

Go to one of the nightclubs

If tourists are not interested in spiritual music, they can go to one of the clubs in the Schanzenviertel quarter ... In addition to modern dance floors with trendy DJs, there are traditional entertainment areas with live music - from classical jazz to anti-fascist ska-punk and underground rock.

Check out the Erotic Museum

The largest in Europe, the Erotica Museum will present guests of Hamburg with a huge collection of art for adults. Unlike a number of other similar museums, the local exhibitions focus precisely on the reflection of this theme in wider art - painting, sculpture and cinema.

Eat a kebab in the Turkish Quarter

Hamburg Railway Terminal It also serves as the border between the two districts of the city and a kind of dividing line of the Turkish quarter. The Turkish community in Hamburg is one of the largest in Germany, so here they have a full-fledged quarter, which can be called Little Turkey. On a fairly large territory there are several markets, souvenir shops and restaurants of oriental cuisine, which are often visited by the Germans themselves.

See new quarters

You can end your acquaintance with Hamburg in a completely new quarter HafenCity. The bizarre shapes of houses built using modern technologies attract not only new tenants and tenants, but also ordinary tourists. The quarter was conceived as an ecologically clean place in the city, which was reflected in the construction technology. Some houses hang over the canals, giving the illusion of flying.

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