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Interesting facts about the Seychelles

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Image Bird Island

  1. In the Seychelles, you can see with your own eyes a palm tree that still remembers the times of dinosaurs. It is found only on two islands in the whole world - Praslin and Curieuse. The plant is truly unique, its seeds are the largest among all the earth's flora, and the fruits need about 10 years to ripen. Christian missionaries even came to the conclusion that this particular fruit was forbidden, which is mentioned in the Bible.

  2. Feathered to Praslin and Bird Island guests flock from all over the world to nest. But not only guests live here, there are also local representatives. Particularly interesting among them are the small black parrot-vase, which does not accept the presence of a person nearby, the nightingale bulbul with unique trills, and the red-breasted frigates soaring in the air infinity.
Image Red-breasted frigates

  1. The cuisine in the Seychelles is represented by both familiar European and local exotic. The main dish is fish and rice, but seafood is extremely popular in this country, and the dishes with them are incredibly varied: you can try boiled octopus, shark chateini or bat stew.
  2. In the Seychelles, the main women. The rights of men depend on their income.

  3. The capital of Seychelles, Victoria, is the smallest capital in the world.

Image Capital Victoria is the smallest capital in the world

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Topic: Interesting facts about the Seychelles.Interesting facts about the Seychelles

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