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Beaches of Kemer: Goynuk

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In fact, Goynuk – it is an independent resort 7 kilometers from the Kemer border, but most tourists come to the beach of the same name for a luxurious and relaxing holiday. Like most beaches in Turkey, Goynuk has a number of features. The first feature is that the coast itself is far from large hotels; only beach villas and small complexes are located directly on the coast. The coast of small pebbles gradually turns into a spacious promenade stretching to the borders of the village.

  Wealthy tourists who choose Goynuk as their vacation destination often stay in remote areas of the village – despite the rather long distance from the beach and high prices for accommodation, this area enjoys regular popularity. There is also an opportunity to do a sport like golf.


Goynuk Canyon

  The beach itself throughout the season stays perfectly clean, all sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and changing cabins are maintained in good condition. Often, boats depart from the coast with diving enthusiasts – the local lagoons are rich in sites ideal for scuba diving. Among the natural attractions of Goynuk beach, it is also worth mentioning the mouth of the river flowing into the sea. At the confluence, a small canyon has formed, which has been a favorite place for photo shoots among tourists for many years.
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Topic: Beaches of Kemer: Goynuk.Beaches of Kemer: Goynuk

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