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Which airline is better to fly to Pattaya

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Airport, Bangkok

The flight to Pattaya most often passes through Bangkok (due to the fact that direct flights are usually more expensive), and, of course, you can fly with different airlines, the choice is really wide. The best deals come from Qatar and Etihad airlines, but with transfers. It is better to fly a direct flight through Thai Airways or Aeroflot. If you choose between these two companies, it is worth noting that Aeroflot does not allow drinking alcohol on board its aircraft. The rest of the announced companies do not set such restrictions. Also worthy offers and Transaero.  

A more expensive alternative is Thai Airlines, you can replace the same Transaero in the tour package with them. Of course, they ask to overpay for a reason, the comfort of a flight with Thai airlines is slightly higher.

The fact is that almost all airlines offer flights to Bangkok with a departure at night. Thus, you will be in place at about noon, because the flight lasts about 9 hours, and 4 more hours from above are accumulated due to the time difference (if you fly from Moscow). Thai airlines usually depart at 7pm, which means you arrive in Thailand at 8am.  

What is the difference between the services of Thai airlines and ours? The following differences can be distinguished:

1. Departure times for Thai Airways are more convenient, as mentioned above. If the flight from Moscow is scheduled for 7 pm, then you will be in Pattaya by noon, and the whole day will be at your disposal, you can go to the beach and relax after a long flight.  Image

Waiting for flight

2. Thai Airlines can boast of enviable punctuality: flights are rarely delayed. The same Transaero sins with this, and makes its passengers wait at least half the time. A few extra hours at the airport can seriously spoil the mood and make an already difficult flight even worse.

3. The atmosphere on Thai Airways planes is more comfortable. More comfortable chairs, more space between the seats, and a wider range of entertainment options can be noted.

4. In Russian airlines, whatever one may say, the atmosphere is Russian, many tourists like to drink on the road, make a loud racket, and in a compartment with the already not very suitable conditions for sleeping on airplanes, you can not even dream of it. The situation on Thai airlines is much quieter.

5. Thai airlines also benefit somewhat in terms of food. For example, Transaero often offers its passengers disposable plastic cutlery and tableware. In Thai airlines, this stuff is made of metal and ceramics.Image


6. The question of price cannot be ignored. The difference in ticket prices between Thai and Russian airlines is quite significant, it can reach $ 600. In the off-season, you can take tickets at a discount, but even then you will have to overpay 200 dollars.  

Hence the conclusion,

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Topic: Which airline is better to fly to Pattaya.Which airline is better to fly to Pattaya

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