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In 2014, the entire community of professionals and amateurs of alpine skiing was excited by the appearance on the market of a completely unique item in the sports arsenal – snow skates `` Sled Dogs ''. Many reviewers immediately tried out the novelty, appreciating its speed and maneuverability, and by the end of the year, Sled Dogs appeared on the Russian market.

Snow skates « Sled Dogs & raquo;

Snow skates `` Sled Dogs ''

Let's try to figure out what snow skates are, and how safe is it to ride the new wonder of extreme sports.

What is snow skates?

There is still very little information about the creators of snow skates. It is only known that these are two Norwegian brothers – Tommy and Ronnie Siversen. Together they founded the company `` Sled Dogs '', or in Russian – `` Sled dogs '', which now produces those same `` skates. ''

At the heart of the invention is – ski boots, in the sole of which a sliding plane with a special turning metal edging is mounted. Outwardly, all this resembles miniature skis from childhood, on which many learned to ride from the nearest snow slide in the yard.

The only condition is – there must be a sufficient amount of densely trampled snow in the yard, otherwise the `` powder '' you can just fail.

Range and prices

Despite the fact that the boots `` Sled Dogs '' presented on the market for a little over a year, manufacturers have already developed several models that differ from each other in assembly, details and, of course, the price, which is still quite high.

The basic model of snow skates outwardly resembles standard ski boots, and only the presence of edging and a sliding sole gives them a new invention. The plastic used in the manufacture of skates has high impact and frost resistance.

Improved models of Sled Dogs; have aluminum fasteners instead of plastic fasteners and, as the manufacturer claims, updated ergonomics. These models have a heel shock absorber designed to soften landings during extreme jumps. The shape of the toe has also been improved to increase aerodynamic properties.

In addition, the Sled Dogs snow skates there are also luxury models with a particularly durable case and even faux fur insulation. The latter option is designed for harsh conditions and can withstand temperatures down to -26 ° C.

A number of accessories have been developed to make the use of snow skates as comfortable as possible in any circumstances. The assortment includes special backpacks and covers designed not only to protect the edging, but also for walking in boots around the city – rubber outsole is not much different from standard shoes.

Important: One of the key accessories of Sled Dogs; will become wax. It is applied with a specially formulated spray to improve grip during acceleration and guaranteed agility.

 Spray wax

Spray wax

As for prices, there will be a wide range of buyers of snow skates. The average price tag is at least € 300, although basic models start at € 200.

Safety issues for Sled Dogs

Experienced skiers and riders who have tried snow skates say; Sled Dogs », the main danger when riding – this is an increased risk of falls. Basically, you will be riding downhill with boots that are no larger than your feet, so the rider's stability will be key.

To protect yourself from trouble, it is best to use a fully enclosed ski helmet that can withstand heavy impacts ... As a rule, in such falls, the chin most often suffers, therefore, it is better to overpay for the closed helmet format.

In the name of safety, it is worth paying attention to the place for snow skating. Test runs are best done on training slopes, which are as gentle as possible, and even if you fall, it will not be so dangerous.

Of course, `` red '' and 'black' slopes for descents on `` Sled Dogs '' better to avoid – they are only suitable for professional skaters or people with experience of skating on ordinary skates.

You should also carefully monitor the looseness of the snow. In modern resorts, seals and other equipment work, but this pleasure is not everywhere. If you go out in snow skates on the `` powder '', you won't even be able to accelerate – you will simply fail under your own weight.

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