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Megeve. Recreation and entertainment

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The resort of Megeve has 135 ski slopes, of which 64 are designed for beginners, 17 slopes are suitable for masters and professionals of alpine skiing, and 54 slopes are of medium difficulty. The total length of the tracks is 300 kilometers. There are 78 ski lifts at the resort.

For those who are just getting to know alpine skiing, the Mont d'Arbois slopes are most convenient for passing, it is in this area that flat, wide and gentle slopes are concentrated.

The Mont d'Arbois ski area has a special area for snowboarders. The resort also has a snow park with a half-pipe. And on the territory of the Rochebrune-Cote-2000 zone there is a border track called"Piste de Fentin".

In addition, Megeve has all the conditions for paragliding, snow-scooters or sledding pulled by sled dogs. For hikers, special routes have been developed in the picturesque places of the region.


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Topic: Megeve. Recreation and entertainment.Megeve. Recreation and entertainment

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