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Vietnam Nightlife

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Despite the fact that Vietnam continues to be a socialist state, the development of tourism has seriously affected the country's entertainment infrastructure. In every major city, clubs, concert venues and themed bars began to appear, attracting a variety of tourists from all over the world.

Today's nightlife in Vietnam is not inferior to Thailand or any other country in the Asian region. There is everything here to have a good rest on your own or with a large group of friends.

Nightclubs in Vietnam

Nightlife in Vietnam is concentrated in two cities – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Local authorities are unsuccessfully trying to limit the time of visiting nightlife in the country, but the measures taken do not give the expected effect. Bars and clubs close the front doors when they should and guests use black entrances at night.
Image Nightclubs in Vietnam

However, it should be noted that not all nightclubs dare to disregard the rules, so you need to make your plans in advance.

Funky Monkey

The most popular nightclub in Hanoi is known far beyond the borders of little Vietnam. Guests who come to Funky Monkey once will return here more than once. Stylish design – from the bar counter to the printed menu attracts with a corporate logo – a funny monkey.

Otherwise, this is a classic nightclub. The large dance floor has a go-go area girls lighting the crowd the entertainment area has billiards and slot machines. Drinks can be ordered from the bar, or you can use the services of pretty waitresses.
Funky Monkey

As for music, it plays here mainly in electronic format. Most often, DJs working in the styles of house, funk and techno are invited to the club.

Polite Club

Made in the best traditions of European venues, this club made the whole of Hanoi famous for its format. This is an official gay club in which, despite its status, quite traditional men and women like to relax.

The club owes its popularity to its semi-closed format and an unprecedented level of security. Only adults are allowed here, strictly according to the document, and strictly at certain hours. A whole staff of employees monitors the safety of vacationers, so conflict situations almost never arise.

The music format of the club – European pop and Vietnamese mainstream.

Magic Moo Club

The name of the club speaks for itself. The format of recreation here is built on modern dance rhythms and Asian flavor. The areas with tables are fumigated with sandalwood incense, and the dance floor has modern lighting and laser equipment.

Club cocktails – special secret of local bartenders. The recipe is unique and even soft drinks will have some mysterious ingredient.

Themed and costume parties are very popular in this club, announcements of which are regularly posted on social networks.

The Spotted Cow

The harsh men's club The Spotted Cow can be called a direct alternative to Polite. The very format of the institution is focused strictly on the `` gentleman's '' image – the menu is dominated by meat dishes, the most popular of drinks is – beer. From games here – billiards, darts, pinball and several other machines that are in stable demand.

Among our compatriots, this institution has become popular thanks to live broadcasts of sports competitions. World cups and championships are displayed on large screens, as well as national football and ice hockey matches.

The dance floor is small here, but the music, if matches are not broadcast, is constantly played in the club. As a rule, these are relaxing electronic groups.


Solace Youth Club – it is one of the noisiest places in Hanoi. Based on the format, mostly students and a cheerful audience of tourists up to 30 years old hang out here. The club has a good dance floor and a bar with a wide variety of drinks, including a non-alcoholic card.

A kind of `` chip '' the club is a free console. Anyone can take on the duties of a DJ and warm up the large audience at certain hours on weekdays. If this fails – jockey changes.

On weekends, professional DJs working in the genre of techno and house are invited here.

Red Beer

The Red Beer Club, named after the famous drink of the same name, is a relatively young entertainment establishment in Hanoi ... The building itself was built in the style of classic Boston establishments, the interior surroundings resemble the best examples of American clubs of the mid-80s.

As for the red beer itself, here it flows like a river. Surprisingly, the working day is `` night '' club starts at 9am. True, at this time only truant students and unemployed bachelors come here.


Any self-respecting anime fan is simply obliged to visit this club in Ho Chi Minh City. The format of the Lush club – this is a colorful world of Japanese animation and comics, in the style of which even the washrooms are made here.

Service staff, bar counters, sofas and menus – everything reminds of one or another anime character. No wonder that themed international parties with cosplay and an indispensable mixture of Japanese words with English, German and even Russian are held here.

The dance floor in the Lush club is located on the second floor. This is a huge area with a DJ booth in the center. Music, as you might guess – these are remixes of famous instrumental themes from a wide variety of anime.

R & R Tavern

'Rock and Roll Tavern' Hanoi – a breath of fresh air for lovers of something `` heavier '' than monotonous club music. The building of the club itself is located on the picturesque shore of the lake near a cozy and quiet square, but the atmosphere inside the establishment cannot be called quiet.

Basically, live music is played here – from classic rock to extremely heavy metal forms. Moreover, this is done both by the Vietnamese themselves and by numerous invited groups. On tour, there are constantly `` shining '' teams from Germany, USA, Japan and Scandinavia.

Americans are especially fond of this place, considering the club format `` truly western ''.

Q Bar

The luxurious Q Bar can be fully attributed to the elite vacation spots of Ho Chi Minh City.

Firstly, there is strict public control – minors are not allowed. Secondly, the very interior of the place disposes to a pleasant pastime accompanied by no less pleasant retro music and a light show.

Thirdly, the service in the club corresponds to the best European places of rest. Helpful waiters and doormen are at guests' disposal. Visitors are literally escorted arm in arm to the best free table.

The only thing worth remembering is – this is that this club format often attracts gays and lesbians here, which, however, do not bother anyone to relax.

Patrick Wine

One of the most popular clubs in Nha Trang – Patrick Wine – it is almost a family club for adults. Often visitors are met by the owner himself, who will offer an elite wine list, the assortment of which gave the name to the establishment.
Image Patrick Wine

Calm music is often played here, although on some days the dance floor is quite noisy and fun. Among the Vietnamese, there is an established opinion about the Patrick club that only intellectuals and respectable couples prefer to relax here. Fans of violent parties in this club will be bored.


Club, it is – the bar, named after the American state of Louisiana, but with a slightly incorrect spelling, is a very popular vacation spot, including Russian tourists who have chosen the resort of Nha Trang.

It is located right on the sea coast with a dance floor, both inside and in the open air. Vietnamese and European cuisine is widely represented here, there is an opportunity to order sushi and other Japanese delicacies.

From `` chips '' – private pool.

Safety rules

If we talk about the peculiarities of nightlife in the cities of Vietnam, then you can give a couple of tips. Firstly, decent behavior is a necessity in any country.

Secondly, you should be careful with new acquaintances, you should not bring the first companion or companion you meet to your room, there is a risk of being left without money and documents .

It is located right on the seaside with a dance floor, both inside and outside. Vietnamese and European cuisine is widely represented here, there is an opportunity to order sushi and other Japanese delicacies.

From `` chips '' – private pool.

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